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We Don't Use Machines; We Build Them

At Cyberdyne Strength & Conditioning our goal is simple: to get every individual to the highest level of fitness possible, regardless of the unit of measurement. For those seeking to be healthier and more fit in general, RDX CrossFit delivers like no other program can. If you are interested in reaching the next level in competitive Olympic Weightlifting, Cyberdyne Weightlifting is your answer. And, if the goal is to find new levels of performance in the Big Three lifts in powerlifting, Cyberdyne Powerlifting is the program for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! I often have people tell me that they'd really like to get started with our RDX CrossFit program, but that they need to get into better shape first. That is not unlike saying you need to teach yourself to swim before you take swimming lessons.

The whole reason for our being here at RDX CrossFit is to help you get into better shape, regardless of your starting point. Dr. Greg Glassman, the creator of CrossFit, ensured that a founding pillar of the programming was to make certain that every workout is infinitely scalable to suite the needs of the individual abilities of EVERY athlete. What this means for you is that you'll always be doing the same workout as everyone else, with the weight, repetitions, distances, or speeds adjusted to YOUR abilities. As you progress, so does your workout. Walk first, then we run!

No. Or, yes...

At RDX CrossFit our focus is on the virtuosity of proper mechanics and movement. Once you've mastered moving your body safely and efficiently, then, but only then, will we allow you to add load or intensity. Given this commitment to moving properly and then loading safely, the CrossFit method of training, when employed under the direction and supervision of a CrossFit Coach, is statistically safer than running.

However, when the movements found in CrossFit are attempted with unsafe loads, without proper training, or under poor instruction, the results can be catastrophic. That's why it's essential that you receive instruction from a staff holding a valid CrossFit Coach's certificate, and in a licensed CrossFit Affiliate, like RDX CrossFit.

The bottom line: every sport and fitness program carries some risk of injury. However, NOT participating in a fitness program all but guarantees illness and premature death.

RDX CrossFit can be thought of as "group personal training." Though an oxymoron, the premise remains. Every class you take at RDX CrossFit is under the direct supervision of CrossFit Level 2 Coaches. We handle your programming, warm up, instruction before the workout, assistance in selecting the load and intensity for your workout, supervision during the workout, cool down, and even track your performance with state of the art software. All for a great monthly price.

If, in the alternative, you elected to enroll at a traditional gym, for your monthly fee, you would have access to a large facility with an impressive array of amazing machinery. And that's is it. Want personal training? That's $45 an hour. Want them to design a training program for you? That's another $45 per month. Interested in specialty classes? That can be another $45 to $90 a month. So, if you worked out, on average, four days a week each month at RDX CrossFit and wanted to replicate that experience at a traditional gym under the guidance of a trainer, you would pay over $700 in trainer fees. That's on top of your monthly dues.

In the end, not only is the cost of training at RDX CrossFit a great value, but the reward of being in the best shape of your life is priceless.

Every class you take at RDX CrossFit is an hour long. This will always include your warm-up, instruction and teaching, your workout, and your cool-down. Here's the secret:

Eighty percent of all CrossFit workouts are under 20 minutes long. And, of that 80%, half of those workouts are under 10 minutes long. One of the basic tenants of the CrossFit programming is to maximize the return on your physical investment. Why spend an hour and a half grinding it out at a traditional gym when you can produce better results in under 20 minutes? Don't think you can get a good workout in under 10 minutes? Then sign up for your free trial and find out just how wrong that assumption can be!

Absolutely not! We will spend a month with you in our On Ramp program teaching you the fundamental movements that are found in CrossFit workouts, and in every day life. We will meet for one hour, twice each week, for four weeks. This will give your body plenty of time to adjust to the new stimuli. Plus, you'll be part of a whole class of all new athletes. You'll be in this together, there are no strangers in foxholes!

Finally, we even help make sure RDX CrossFit is right for you before you spend a dime. The first two weeks of the RDX On Ramp Course are absolutely free. If you decide you want to continue, only then do you pay for the On Ramp Course. Better still, this payment will cover your first regular month of membership. The fee for the RDX On Ramp Course is always equal to the monthly rate of our 6 Month Plan. This keeps it fair to you when you are a member; the month of instruction devoted to new students will never be cheaper than any membership plan you're on.

Cyberdyne Strength & Conditioning is the greater facility that is home to our RDX CrossFit program. This allows us to cater to those seeking CrossFit, and also offer specialized training for those focused primarily on the competitive lifts found in Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting.